About us

Água do Mar was founded by Artemis Hostalacio in 2020 inspired by the new way of life created by the greatest impact that pandemic had on our lives. In search of comfy and cozy clothes to work from home and not missing elegance is our main drive.

We are strong believers in the slow fashion movement: championing pieces that are built to last, supporting production that is sustainable and ethical and investing in quality over quantity every time

Now more than ever, it is important to think about the longevity of the things we buy. Certain pieces are wardrobe classics, destined to never go out of style. While other items are so special and bring such joy, they will never leave our wardrobes.⁠

Investing in timeless items that we will wear again and again, regardless of passing fashion trends, is the most sustainable way to shop. At Água do Mar, we are committed to create a selection of timeless, quality fashion that is built to last and be loved for a lifetime