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Our Community means a lot to us

We are living surreal times.


Yep, surreal.

And when we thought everything was going to be better.

Another lockdown.

And we were not prepared.


We didn’t have fabrics in stock.

We felt like we were going out of business before completing the first year of our brand.

I cannot explain how I felt.

But I kept going.

Like a robot.

Woke up,

Made breakfast,

Drunk coffee,

Thought about our community,

Our people.

People who believed on us.

Counted on us.

I couldn’t let them down.

Then, we run through every piece of fabric we had in house,

Any color,

Any pattern.

And we found bright and bold colors.

Colors that I wanted in my life.

In everybody’s life.

And we mixed,

We shuffled,

We printed,

We created,

We reinvented.

And a playful, colorful collection raised from the ashes.

It turned up to be a limited edition of bold and bright colors.

Limited as we want.

Limited in time.

Coz what triggered it we want to forget.

But made as stronger,


And we will not be the same.

Coz we found out,

We are not just a brand,

We are a movement.










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